Review Topics for Your Blog

Build a loyal following with your blog online by posting reviews of things you use in your every day life. If you are running out of topics to write about, use these ideas for new content to post. It’s likely more entertaining than researching Medicare supplement plans.

Workout Equipment

If you like to stay active and healthy you probably have some workout equipment laying around the house, or you have at least used some in the gym. When people are considering spending a good amount of money on equipment, they want to know they are making good decisions. Do your blog followers a favor and write about equipment you have used or own and if they are worth making the purchase. You may even be able to sell some old pieces you no longer use if your followers are ready to buy right from you.

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Electronics are usually pretty expensive luxuries we like to spruce up our house with. Big screen TVs, speaker systems, laptops, headphones, tablets, you name it. Start writing about all the different gadgets you own or have used recently and start a conversation with your followers about things they have used and recommend, or don’t recommend, as well. Technology is evolving practically every single day, so most gadgets are seemingly becoming obsolete just as quickly as they are being released. Make sure the electronics you review are relevant and aren’t already going out of style.


Original art that you own may not be as easy to buy for the general public, but reviewing art pieces you own or admire can still be a great way to spark conversation amongst your followers and will make you appear more sophisticated at the same time. Even people who don’t love art subconsciously love art, and everyone is captivated by visually stimulating images. Post pictures of the art you are discussing and draw people into the conversation. It may end up creating a great little market place for buying and selling art right on your website. You could make some good money that way or make a commission for introducing buyers and sellers on your website. Who knew just blogging about art could actually start making you some money? If you don’t have any art to discuss or show off yourself, talk about art pieces you have seen in your friends and family’s places as well. Start the conversation somewhere and then go find your own art to discuss.