Popular Apps in 2018

You have some extra time on your hands during retirement and you want to learn more about all the new apps that smart phones have on them to make your life easier, rather than sit and research Medicare supplement plans. Here is a quick guide to some apps you should be downloading for your smart phone right now.



Skype is a video calling app that uses the camera on your phone to show you to the person you are talking to, and their camera to show them to you. This is about as close to being in the same room with someone as it gets, and you can do it from being on opposite sides of the world. This app is extremely useful for when you are away from your friends or family and want to see them without being able to actually physically be with them. Keep this one on your smart phone for good.



What would anyone do without Google these days? If you ever have a question about anything, literally anything, just type it into the Google search engine and get flooded with millions of results to your search. You can ask Google things as simple as what the weather is like outside currently, to which teams are playing in the football game tonight, to converting meters to inches. You will get your answer to all of your questions at the snap of your fingers, which is extremely convenient when you need an answer to something quickly.

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No need to keep bulky calendars with you anymore and struggle to find writing utensils to write on it with. You can keep your entire calendar and schedule right on your smart phone and update and edit it as needed, anytime you want. The calendar app can store locations to your events so you can search for driving directions when it’s time to go. It can send you alerts at times that you specify to remind you to leave for an event. It can even color code your calendar entries so you can stay organized across the board when it comes to different activities you are involved in.


Storing your photos on your phone is essential and these days you can fit thousands of them on your phone. Next time you want to show your friends your adorable grandkids or your new puppy, all of your best pictures are right in your pocket for you to show anytime you want.