How Senior Bathtubs Can Help Avoid Injuries?

Bathtubs specifically designed for seniors are manufactured in a way to minimize the odds of an accident which are most common while bathing. For elderly, even a little slip might lead to serious issues which could take away their ability to enjoy freedom. As more & more folks are realizing the need of senior bathtubs, they’re becoming common in houses all over the country.

  1. Eliminating the need to step-over

With regular models of bathtubs, individuals are required to take a step which can be around twenty inches above the ground before they have access to the water. While stepping over, seniors with balance or mobility issues might lose their steps which might lead to a major injury or accident. With swing-in/swing-out doors, senior bathtubs get rid of this difficult step. Senior bathtubs only need a little step-off the ground before you access the water.

  1. Slip-resistant floors:

A number of senior bathtubs are manufactured so that they can provide maximum safety to the elderly. This also includes the flooring. So as to avoid slips whenever the surfaces become slippy because of soap or

  1. Safety seats

Before they can use a regular tub, seniors are required to sit down completely inside the tub. Even though it may be easier for some to get down in the tub, getting up might prove challenging for most. Tubs designed for seniors provide safety seats which don’t need the user to get completely submerged in water.  The seats when you combine them with shower hoses seats allow elderly folks to bathe freely without needing to worry about how they’ll get out once they’re done.

  1. Safety bars

Although you can find safety bars in-built with the majority of the designs, in case they aren’t, you can add them yourself quite easily.

Safety bars further increase the safety by offering elderly people something which lets them steady themselves while getting in as well as out of a bathtub. In addition, they could also assist those who would like to submerge inside the bath tub’s waters for enjoying a deep soak & people who just want to seat.  Are you looking for additional coverage which can help you reduce the out of pocket costs associated with your Medicare coverage? Do check out 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans which are most popular among seniors who’re 65 and above.