Don’t Miss These Popular Apps

You can use your smart phone for a lot of things these days, including researching different Medicare supplement plans. Since access to entertainment and information is so prevalent today, here is a great list of apps that everyone should be taking advantage of.


YouTube is the perfect entertainment app. This is where you are able to search for all kinds of videos that are uploaded by content creators. These could be music videos to your favorite songs, instructional videos and how-to’s, lessons on finance and other various subjects, or just people and animals doing silly things. You can find anything on YouTube. Many people make a ton of money on YouTube simply by recording themselves reviewing products that they try out for their thousands or millions of viewers. The more viewers someone has, the more attention they get from companies that want to promote their products. They can pay the YouTube stars to use or review their products in hopes that it’s the best and most sincere form of advertising, and their customers will be more likely to buy it from them.


Amazon has an app that makes shopping on Amazon right from your smart phone even easier. Any of the normal products you would search for on your web browser can be added right to your Amazon account from your phone, in a mobile-optimized app, so that you can browse quickly and easily and make your purchases just the same.

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WhatsApp is a text messaging platform that takes text security to the next level. On WhatsApp, all of your texts are encrypted with end to end encryption meaning they are encrypted once when they are sent from your phone and encrypted again when they reach the phone of the person you are talking to. No outside party could ever read the messages that are sent over WhatsApp, meaning your privacy is absolutely secure. This is important when sharing private information with people that you don’t want others being able to get a hold of. Or if you don’t want people getting ahold of your pictures, you would also want to send those over WhatsApp for the most security possible.

If you use gmail as your email host, download the gmail app to make sending emails even easier and more streamlined straight from the app. You can, of course, connect your gmail to another email app, but using gmail is the best way to ensure you get all of the functionality included in gmail services.